CIA NOTABLE Part 26. Pacific ocean attempts and Flights

1929-08-26 Around-the-world Flight. leg 3. First Pacific Ocean crossing

Hugo Eckener Copilot(s):

Tokyo. Japan. August 23rd. - Los Angeles. USA. August 26th

Distance is the total ground distance covered

Zeppelin LZ 127. "Graf Zeppelin". Hydrogen/blaugas (fuel). Volume: 105000

Distance: 0
km 0
Miles Duration: 79.03 h 0 min

1981-11-12 First Pacific crossing by Balloon.

Ben L. Abruzzo Copilot(s): Larry M Newman. Rocky Aoki. Ron Clark

Nagashima. Japan. November 10 - Covelo. California. November 12.

Absolute World Distance Record

Raven Experimental. "Double Eagle V". N4008A. Helium Volume: 11326.7

Distance: 8383
km 0
Miles Duration: 84.31 h 0 min

1989-02-15 Attempt to cross the Pacific.

Fumio Niwa Copilot(s):

Yokohama-840 miles SE Tokyo

Ditched Feb 18

Helium Volume: 2500

Distance: 0
km 0
Miles Duration: 82 h 0 min

1991-01-14 Attempt to cross the Pacific.

Fumio Niwa Copilot(s):


Pilot died of exposure awaiting rescue

2 500 m3 helium Volume: 2500

Distance: 480
km 0
Miles Duration: 6.3 h 0 min

1991-01-17 First Pacific crossing by Hot Air Balloon.

Per Axel Lindstrand Copilot(s): Richard Branson

Miyakonojo. Japan. Jan 16 - Yellowknife. Canada. Jan 17

World distance and duration record. Actual track distance claimed to be 10 885.2 km.

Colt 2500A. "Pacific Flyer". G-OWWF Volume: 60513

Distance: 7671.91
km 0
Miles Duration: 46.15 h 0 min

1995-02-22 First solo flight across the Pacific.

Steve Fossett Copilot(s):

Seuol. Korea. February 17th - Mendham. Canada. February 21st.

Absolute World Distance Record.

Cameron R-150. G-BVUO. 4 248 m3 helium (5 440 total). Volume: 5440

Distance: 8748
km 0
Miles Duration: 102.14 h 0 min

1999-03-21 First Around-the-World Flight.

Bertrand Piccard Copilot(s): Brian Jones

Chateau d'Oex. Switzerland to Dakhla. Egypt.

RTW time 370h 24 min. Total track 45755 km. 7 World Records

Cameron R-650. "Breitling Orbiter 3". HB-BRA Volume: 23544

Distance: 40814
km 0
Miles Duration: 477.47 h 0 min

2001-08-17 First South Pacific crossing. first solo flight over 300 hours

Steve Fossett Copilot(s): Solo flight

Northam airport. West Australia to Bagé. Brazil

RTW attempt no 20. AM14 World duration record

Cameron R-550. N277SF Volume: 18429

Distance: 19260.3
km 0
Miles Duration: 300.57 h 0 min

2002-07-03 Second Around-the-World Flight. First solo flight Around-the-World

Steve Fossett Copilot(s): Solo flight

Northam airport. West Australia to the Blue Hills. Queensland. Australia. Total track dist. 34 242 km

Absolute Around the World record. 320 hours 33 min. AM14 distance and duration record

Cameron R-600. "Bud Light Spirit of Freedom" Volume: 18429

Distance: 33195.1
km 0
Miles Duration: 355.5 h 0 min

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